Digital Pharmacist’s COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduler

Digital Pharmacist is offering a free trial of our Patient Engagement Platform that includes new tools for messaging and COVID-19 vaccination management. Use this all-in-one solution to extend your level of care and communication while nurturing your patient relationships.

Vaccination Scheduler

Why Choose Digital Pharmacist's Vaccination Scheduler?

Contactless Checkin

Automated, All-In-One Scheduling Solution

Our Vaccination Scheduler is a part of our Patient Engagement Platform. It integrates with our suite of products to allow you to manage your waitlists, outreach, and appointment scheduling all in one place. There's no need to manually update information or switch between different platforms.


Integrated with our COVID Waitlist Feature

After patients sign up for your vaccination waitlist, you can easily add patients to workflows to get them scheduled for their appointment. Automated reminders and contactless check-in will further streamline the appointment process for your pharmacy.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliant

The Patient Engagement Platform allows you to connect with patients safely and prevent unintentional violations by securing protected health information (PHI). 



How To Activate Your Free Trial

Login to your Pharmacy Dashboard to start scheduling and messaging today.

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For additional help, contact our support team at 877-959-7550 or email

Manage COVID Vaccinations & Scheduling
  • Customize vaccination schedules and appointments based on your hours and staffing
  • Automate patient vaccination scheduling and appointment reminders
  • Qualify patients based on CDC phases from our integrated COVID waitlists feature
Digital Pharmacists Vaccination Scheduler - Pharmacy Experience
Engage, Delight, & Retain Your Patients
  • Send personalized messages like birthday greetings to delight your patients
  • Increase patient adherence through Rx ready, refill reminders, prescription delays, and other notifications
  • Automate the end to end scheduling process for clinical appointments such as COVID vaccines and flu shots
Digital Pharmacist PEP Use Cases
Secure & HIPAA Compliant Messaging
  • 2-way messaging & multimedia sharing for easy pharmacist-patient communication
  • Pre-populated workflows and message templates, or create and customize your own
  • Import patient contact information or integrate through select PMS systems
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get training on the Patient Engagement Platform & Vaccination Scheduler?

When you login to your pharmacy dashboard, you will receive a product tour of the Patient Engagement Platform.

For additional training:

Learn More About PEP

Download Vaccination Scheduler Guide

How long does the free trial last?

Current Digital Pharmacist customers: April to May 31, 2021

New Digital Pharmacist customers: 30 days free from sign up date (through May 31, 2021)

What is the cost after the free trial ends?

Digital Pharmacist is offering our new Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) and Vaccination Scheduler as a standalone offering, or as a bundled product. Contact us today for options and pricing.

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How do I remove people from my waitlist?

To remove someone from your Digital Pharmacist waitlist in the Patient Engagement Platform:

1. Go to "Workflows" in your navigation bar
2. Select your scheduling workflow
3. Select "Manage Waitlist"
4. Select patients you wish to remove
5. Select "Remove From Waitlist"
6. Confirm that you wish to delete the patient

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How do I get my patient list?

We have several options to help you import your patient list by PMS. Check out this article from Digital Pharmacist University to learn more.

Get My Patient List

What is the process for scheduling a second vaccination dose?

We recommend manually scheduling the second dose appointment for your patient during their initial vaccination appointment with you.

See FAQ "How do I manually schedule an appointment?" for step-by-step instructions.

How do I manually schedule an appointment?

To manually schedule an appointment:

1. Login to your pharmacy dashboard
2. Go to "Appointments" in your navigation bar
4. Search for your patient by name
5. Choose type of appointment (COVID-19 Vaccination)
6. Choose appointment date and time
7. Confirm and click "CREATE APPOINTMENT"